Selling Tips

  • Set up a Seasons Jewelry “Selling Station” in your store that makes it easy for your customer to create their own look or create a personalized look for a gift.
  • To create your “Selling Station” you will need a Seasons custom display
  • When your display includes a variety of pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets it encourages the customer to mix and match and add matching items to their purchase.
  • Grouping multiple displays together, for example: a spinner display, ring display, and neck stands will create a selling area that will be eye-catching and fun to shop.
  • If possible encourage your sales staff to wear Seasons Jewelry when they are working. When they wear a fun necklace and pendant combo…it makes your customers stop and say “Where did you get that?” and they can direct the shopper to the Seasons selling area.
  • Encourage repeat business by reminding customers that Seasons offer jewelry for every season. Someone who buys a fashion pendant now may want to come back and purchase a holiday pendant for Christmas.
Seasons offers unique and whimsical designs at affordable prices that keep customers coming back for more
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