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Don't Mess With Texas!

By Creative Department  •   2 minute read

They say everything is bigger in Texas - and when it come to Rowdy's hat, they sure are right! Bill's second week on the road has taken him to the great state of Texas and man, has he stayed busy!

Between Cheerleaders in Dallas, Longhorns in Austin, and Gun's Up in Lubbock, Bill's been all over the state and has had quite the time while at it.

He's met with customers, linebackers, track stars, and even the Texas Tech Director of Football Operations Tommy McVay! 



Bill at Ruffles and Rust!

Bill with Texas Linebacker Peter Jinkens, Red Raider Track Stars, and Tommy McVay!

He's set foot on many a football field too! 

Bill on the Texas A&M Aggies field and on the Texas Longhorns field.

While in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Bill not only made it to Texas Christian University, but he even managed a trip to see Tony Romo's locker!

He saw the sun rise in Lubbock, and met great Texas Tech customers and football players alike!

Bill with Katie from Red Raiders Outfitters, Tammy from Covenant Hospital, and Gun's Up at Texas Tech!

At the Texas Tech practice field!

The Aggies were especially hospitable to Bill - they had such a great time that they hated to see him leave and even sent him souvenirs to remember them by. 

All in all, Bill had an epic time in Texas, filled to the brim with fun! Where do you think he will go next - could it be to come see you?! Click here to make it happen!

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