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Jewelry Displays - the Seasons Way!

Jewelry Displays - the Seasons Way!

Show off that jewelry!

Jewelry displays come in many shapes and sizes – and now, people are getting super creative when it comes to how they display their jewelry – at home as well as in shops and boutiques! Whether you find something perfect for your jewelry collection on Etsy, or you go the DIY route and make it yourself, there are SO MANY options out there. We’ve been browsing the world wide web, and have compiled a bunch of fun ideas and we thought we would share just a few!


How fun is this repurposed bulletin board? The foam padding makes it perfect for sticking the earring hooks in and it makes your collection of earrings look like a work of art! This piece was made by our web girl – Aly, and all she did was recover the board with burlap. She chose burlap because it naturally has small holes, making it super easy to poke the earrings through. So fun!


(Image sources L to R: http://luckygirlfinds.com, http://www.thesteenstyle.com, http://whippycake.com)

Do you have empty bottles lying around? Or maybe some vintage milk glass vases? Turns out they are just the right size to stack up some bracelets! What a cute way to show off your arm candy – without taking up a ton of real estate on your dresser or counter.


If you’re anything like us girls at Seasons, you have a LOT of necklaces! Again, our web girl – Aly, had such a cute idea on a great way to display her collection. For this DIY, all you need is a wood picture frame and some small cup hooks. Attach the cup hooks along the bottom of the frame, and viola! Now just add a photo or art print to your frame and you’re good to go!

Display away!

Now that you’ve seen a few of our favorite ideas – go check out our Pinterest board, Jewelry Display Inspiration and see the tons of pins we’ve collected! If that doesn’t inspire you – then we don’t know what will! Happy displaying!

…xoxo… the SJ team!