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Countdown to Kickoff Winners - The Posh Pineapple!

Posted on November 11, 2015 | 1 comment

This week, Bill went down to Florida to help celebrate with the Countdown to Kickoff winners, The Posh Pineapple! They hosted their Ultimate Tailgate Party and everyone had a blast! 

Bill and Cheryl, from The Posh Pineapple, playing some corn-hole, with their custom corn-hole set that they won!

Some young party-goers mid throw!

Bill even got to bring his daughter Olivia along on this work trip! Looks like she's having fun too!

Olivia and Cheryl in front of The Posh Pineapple rocking their Seasons Jewelry!

Thank you Posh Pineapple for having Bill at your Ultimate Tailgate Party! 

The Posh Pineapple wins the Ultimate Tailgate Party! from Seasons Jewelry on Vimeo.




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  • Begonia

    yea, it was pretty poluapr out here for a while. still quite a few people do it and i just find it very irritating and annoying. another one that gets me… wearing sunglasses indoors or at night. oh well, nothing i can do but shake my head and move on.


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