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Look Out Jackson Town!

By Creative Department  •   2 minute read

Seasons Jewelry has had a long time history of participating in retail shows all around the country. From Nashville to Richmond to Houston to Jackson, Seasons Jewelry (or also known as the Karat Patch) has been a huge presence at many a show. Over 35 years ago, when the Karat Patch was just a young retail company, and not yet wholesale, Bonnie relied on these shows for the success of the business, and it is from the retail shows that the Seasons Jewelry we know and love today was grown.

While Seasons Jewelry isn't quite as old as the Mississippi State Capitol Building, both have long histories in Jackson!

In the heart of downtown Jackson, the Mistletoe Marketplace has been host to Seasons Jewelry (Karat Patch) since the beginning. We like to think that Seasons Jewelry is a part of the Mistletoe Marketplace history, and it's a tradition kept alive by the trendsetters of Jackson. We treasure our relationships with our retail customers and value their insights into our new pieces - ensuring that we bring the best of the best to our wholesale customers.

Our incredible Jackson A-Team - Jennifer, Teri, Janet, Melissa & Allison working hard to get our booth show ready!

The booth is all set up and ready for the crowds!

Well, we've just returned home from an amazing weekend in Jackson, where the Mistletoe Marketplace proved yet again just how vital it is to our success and growth! Between valuable feedback about our new pieces, to the excitement of our classics, the booth was rarely empty, and even the A-Team was having a blast.


A crowded Seasons Jewelry (Karat Patch) booth is one of our favorite sights! (Don't mind the blurriness - it was too busy for a clear shot!)

Retail shows aren't ALL work - we like to have fun too! Here is that awesome A-Team full of joy over a fantastic show!

In the end, the Mistletoe Marketplace in Jackson, MS was an absolute pleasure, as it always is, and we hope you thought so too. 

We couldn't pass up the chance for a Whataburger stop! Am-I-Right?!

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